Hello World!

Hello, world and welcome to the Oregon-Cooler website! In this website you’ll find directions on how to build the Oregon-Cooler, an open-source green water heater, solar power station, HVAC, and smart-home system. This is our first post and the documentation for the Oregon-Cooler and APIs will be rapidly changing for the forseeable future. The best place for you to start participating is to check out the Greentech Cookbook, which is an open-source book and wiki that teaches how to create simulate greentech hardware, firmware, and software to combat global warming.

We are seeking contributors to help pioneer the Oregon-Cooler. Our mission and vision is life-saving, critical, and of the upmost importance. If we succeed, we can save millions, possibly billions of lives and in the worst case, prevent the looming mass extinction. If you have some knowledge you would like to submit, you can do so in the Greentech Cookbook Wiki.